My idea for the country

“Serving is a noble act.
Schools should have the discipline of Customer Service Culture”
Interview with Carla Carvalho Dias – Diário de Noticias, 04/08/2017



SMERVE is a manifest that fights for a better world on which every element of Top Service Academy team is absolutely committed.
That’s why our journey through schools, universities or helping associations is something we are particularly happy and proud to do and that’s why we are always receptive and willing to cooperate.

Where does SMERVE© comes?

When we are passionate about a certain matter, all of our energy is frequently directed towards it. The same thing happens to the people who are in love, they see, think and dream about their loved one, night and day.
This is what happens to me regarding service, or even better, Top Service.
I always ask, in my lectures or conferences, not to mistake passion and fundamentalism. No. I’m not a fundamentalist, I am passionate about people and for life as well, but my biggest passion is about every single individual that serves, smiles, and makes the other person or persons life a better one every day. And one day, thinking about those people, I realized that Top Service people always come to my mind with enormous and spreading smiles.
I was sitting at my office watching people walking on the street and when I saw each one walking I realized that they moved to the sound of music that I was listening to! Curiously the ones that walked at the rhythm of the theme were more than the ones that were out of compass. From there to think that the important thing would be to create a movement linked to the art of good service was just a small leap!
This happened in October 2012, by the time that we were lauching Top Service Academy project.

The SMERVE was born!