Fátima Gomes

Duties in TSA:
To Serve – Personal Assistant and Office Manager

My additions to this enterprise/Project:
I like to think that the job I do on “backstage” assures the success of the whole team.

In three words what this enterprise gives me:
Challenge, Knowledge and personal purpose.

I am like… a book with blank pages on which I keep records of new learnings and possibilities.

I dream of a world… without conflicts and violence, on which we can trust in people and where we can be ourselves, serve and be happy.

My contribution to the world… I am someone who is truly concerned with everyone’s well being and with the common comfort, so my contributions is made by acting in conformity with this ideal.

Working in TSA is like… having a source of knowledge on the top of my fingers. Everyday I get the chance to learn new things and I love it!

12th Grade – Management and Accounts
Secretary Course on the school – O Meu Futuro em 2003
Administrative and Receptionist in different companies.
Started to work with Carla Dias and Visão Integrada in October 2006 until November 2010.
After 7 years, it feels like coming home joining Top Service Academy in April 2017.

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