Lurdes Gameiro

Duties in TSA:
To serve – Helper in the field of personal development

My additions to this enterprise/project:
My knowledge and experience of NLP and coaching, in conjunction with a long professional experience in pharmacy (service and leadership).

In three words, what this enterprise gives me:
Growth, Meaning, Sharing.

I am like… a musical note (always the same, always different).

I dream of a world… where the human being can make use of all the technological resources available, to evolve in a society more and more centred on Being, that is where each one may feel happy and satisfied.

My contribution to the world… in the words Caring and Feeding, that is promoting the growth (of individuals, organizations, projects and, consequently, of myself).

Working with TSA is like… taking care of a garden: sowing, watering and… being surprised at the rising colours.

Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Faculty of Pharmaceutics, University of Coimbra);
Post Graduation in Pharmacy Administration (Portuguese Catholic University);
Trainer in NLP (NTI-NLP, The Netherlands).

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