Susanna de Gioia

Partner in the company Prática Motivação: click to know more.
Duties in TSA:
To serve – Webdesigner – Webmaster

My additions to this enterprise/project:
In the digital era, with the reality increasingly connected to the net, my addition consists of the knowledge and experience acquired in this area. What I guarantee, is a top service.

In three words, what this enterprise gives me:
Reliability, Respect, Help.

I am like… A fish, capable of living also out of the water.

I dream of a world… With more justice!

My contribution to the world consists of…Smiling and being sympathetic.

Working with TSA is like… Living in the Snow White tale, as one of the dwarves who worked hard, with efficiency and responsibility, happily singing all the time!

Born in Milan (Italy), in 1980 I obtained a Certificate of Tourist Operator at the Istituto Tecnico Statale per il Turismo of Milan (with 60/60), and a Proficiency Certificate of English language (Grade A) at the British Council of Milan. Between 1980 and 1982, I attended the Faculty of Political Sciences at the Università Statale of Milan.
Between June 1982 and December 1984, I worked with Alitalia air company, as the coordinator of ‘Visit Italy’, a show program for the promotion abroad of tourism in Italy, namely in Germany, France, Greece, Japan, Hong Kong, U.S.A.
In 1985, I spent one year in Sydney (Australia), working as a contributor for the magazine ‘Hero’.
Between 1986 and June 1996, I worked in Milan as assistant Art Director, then Account Executive in the advertising agencies Lucky srl and Advisers in Communication Srl.
In 1997, I came to Portugal. Here I worked as webdesigner and webmaster on my own, and for the communication agency Besign Lda. – design + communication.
Since March 2014, I am working with Visão Integrada Lda / Top Service Academy, as webdesigner and webmaster.

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